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Amherst Regional Public Schools

You are

  • A Black or Latinx paraeducator or teacher-on-waiver

  • A college graduate with a bachelor's degree or higher

  • Currently employed by the Amherst Regional Public Schools

  • An aspiring teacher

Quick Contacts

Amherst Regional Public Schools Contact

Damany Gordon, Diversity and Equity Specialist

(413) 362-1872


Mount Holyoke College Admissions Contact

Amy Asadoorian 

Admissions and Communications Coordinator




Mount Holyoke College Program Director

Catherine Swift, M. Ed.,

Director, Teacher Licensure Programs


Mount Holyoke College Financial Aid

Taryn Dunaj,

Associate Director, Student Financial Services


Paradigm Shift Program Coordinator
Danielle Phillips


Mount Holyoke College Admissions
Mount Holyoke College Program Director
Mount Holyoke College Financial Aid
Paradigm Shift Program Coordinator

Your Path: Amherst Regional Public Schools

Paradigm Shift is here to help you become a licensed teacher.
Here are the steps you need to follow:

Amherst Region Diversity and Equity contact
Amherst Financal Aid

Amherst Regional Public Schools Financial

and Academic Support

In addition to federal and state financial support, there are opportunities for financial and academic support available specifically for Amherst Regional Public Schools' paraeducators and teachers on a waiver working to obtain their initial teaching license.

Amherst Public Schools: FAQ

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