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PS Test Prep Support

At Paradigm Shift, we're committed to providing the support you need to successfully accomplish educational and MTEL testing requirements.


That's why we offer a range of FREE test prep support 

for our PS Participants.


Paradigm Shift offers you access to free MTEL tutoring. To secure a tutor, simply complete and submit the online Request a Tutor Form. You will be contacted within the week by a prospective tutor.

MTEL Fee Reimbursement

Paradigm Shift will reimburse you for MTEL test fees. Simply email a completed W9 form and a copy of your MTEL receipt to the Paradigm Shift Program Coordinator. You will receive a reimbursement check within two weeks' time.

In-Person Test Prep

Two in-person test prep classes are offered every semester, with a range of MTEL subjects on a rotating basis, including Communication and Literacy (01), Foundations of Reading (90), General Curriculum-Multi Subjects (03), General Curriculum-Math (03), and English as a Second Language (54). To register, look for an email announcement a few weeks before the courses begin.

Online Test Prep

Online test prep webinars are offered on a regular basis. To register, look for an email announcement, or email the Paradigm Shift Program Coordinator. 

Test Preparation Strategies

Here's our useful guide to MTEL Test Preparation Strategies. 

Paradigm Shift Program Coordinator

For assistance with tutoring or test prep, contact the Paradigm Shift Program Coordinator.

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